Patient Success Stories

"I first came to see Dr. Misty with a pinched nerve in my lower back. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my Life. I just happened to catch the staff in the office on a day when they are normally closed. A God thing for sure! Dr. Misty made me feel better just by speaking to me on the phone. I went in the next day and started adjustments with immediate relief. It took several weeks for my injury to feel better, but in the process I felt better overall. I had neck pain and headaches, sore feet and upper back pain on a daily basis. I just chalked it up to 'getting older and life'. I thought it was something I just had to live with.

In being treated by Dr. Misty I discovered it was really my nervous system out of whack. Dr. Misty and her staff have given me a better quality of life in addition to 'fixing' my pinched nerve. All of my other aches and pains are gone! I'm a better wife and mother. I have more energy and my allergies are almost nonexistent. Over all I feel great!

I thank God for leading me to her office. And I thank Dr. Misty and her wonderful staff for caring about me and my health."

~ Zoe Z. (8/1/14)

“My husband and I have been married 34 years, and he is absolutely a wonderful, gentle, kind and easy going man. However I believe his health has been challenging his demeanor for the last 7-12 years. He told me 'you fall apart after 45-50 years of age'. I felt I had little to hope for when I would finally reach that age.

My husband works really physically hard at his job. Then he comes home and works around the house and the garage-all the while trying hard not to complain about his DAILY headaches, sick stomach, allergies and back pain. All you had to do was look at him and you could see the pain in his eyes. He was defeated, tired and solemn. He is also a stubborn man too. He wouldn't even think about going to a chiropractor, until I got sick with cancer and he began to see things differently. Now he was ready to listen and he came with me to Dr. Misty.

After only two adjustments, David said his daily headaches were GONE and after four more treatments his upper and then lower back have been given considerable relief I have my husband back! Praise God! After years of pain, surgeries and problems, he finally feels good again -he says like a 35 year old! We are both so thankful to everyone in the office for treatment and supplements!”

~ Donna P.

“When I first came to Dr. Misty, I had a stiff neck from an old car accident. I was not in a great deal of pain, but I knew that my neck still had 'issues'. (Now, I know these issues are called subluxations.) I was stiff and sore everyday. I would get frequent headaches. I would be short (and, yes, even cranky) with my children. I had seen two other chiropractors prior to coming to Dr. Misty. They seemed to be only interested in controlling the 'what' (my immediate neck pain) of my injury and didn't deal with the 'why'. Nor did they ever explain subluxations or angles of my neck vertebrae (or lack thereof). When my time was up with them (auto insurance restrictions), they let me go whether I was fixed or not. Needless to say, I was reluctant to see a third chiropractor.

Dr. Misty's desire was to not only treat the 'what' but the 'why' of my injury. Her excitement, enthusiasm, and ready smile are infectious. Her goal is for people to commit to their health. It has not been easy to get adjusted 3x a week. I have a busy schedule (doesn't everyone?!). But I knew the right things to do were to commit to being healthy and to reach my God-given potential.

The greatest benefit since starting under chiropractic care has been no more headaches. I am stiff maybe once a week now and that is usually after a weekend of no adjustments. I don't even think about my neck anymore. My advice to anyone in the same condition would be: Invest the time and commit to your health now.”

~ Heather P.

“Whenever I first came in I had a lot of problems with my neck, back, & shoulders from previous car accidents and had developed whiplash. I had no curve in my neck and the tightness in my neck and shoulders would give me frequent headaches. I would take ibuprofen daily to alleviate the pain.

I have been under chiropractic care for a very short time and have almost completely cut out ibuprofen. I also feel a tremendous difference in my neck, back & shoulders. They are less tight and stiff. I am noticing that I have better posture from my adjustments and from the exercises I was given to do on my own.

I am very happy I found a holistic and natural approach to treating my issues. I feel better physically, emotionally & spiritually because I know I am take care of the body God gave me.”

~ Leslie K.

“When I first came into the office I suffered with upper back and neck pain. This affected me on a daily basis. I have two jobs that require a lot from me physically. I work with preschoolers and I really have to be in top condition. By the end of the day, my body was very strained. I could not even do my chores normally because of the burning.

Since I have started getting adjusted I no longer have pain and burning. I am now at my best when I am with the children. Not only have these issues that I had originally come in the office for, been resolved, but I got even more than I bargained for. I now have more energy and my greatest improvement is that I do not get sick as often as I used to. I also have a better perspective on my health because I have more knowledge on how the body functions.

I never met a doctor that educates like Dr. Misty. I have been coming for over two years and I am still learning new things about my health. I feel empowered to help others now. Because I am educated I can tell and lead our community to the truth about health and healing. I would tell anyone to come in to talk to a chiropractor with the whole package. Dr. Misty is here to give us all wellness through spinal health, nutrition, supplementation, exercise and time/stress management. The office is very unique from every other, they are all very caring for the patients. They really have it together, it seems as if they are all on the same page.”

~ Mary Jo K.

“I first came to Dr. Murin’s office a year and a half ago with work related low back pain. I had this nagging discomfort for almost 20 years and was under the mindset that it was just something that I would live with for the rest of my life. It made doing things for my family and my job difficult at times.

After being under the care of Dr. Murin & her staff, my life has improved in several ways. The lower back pain is no longer a part of my daily life, my thyroid medication dosage has been cut in half, and I am eating better and have lost 25 pounds.

Since I have been under chiropractic care & nutritional/supplemental counseling, I feel better than I have in quite a few years. I am both physically and emotionally so much more stable.

God is our ultimate healer, but He can use people like Dr. Misty and her staff to help through their gifts. I am grateful that I am under their care and that I am no longer under the mindset that I just have to learn to with the pain.”

~ Susan E.

“If you have ever watched a loved one die of a long-term illness then you know the fear it can instill in you. Day after day you watch your loved one wilt. While I sat there watching this tragedy unfold I felt fear above all else, fear that I would be next. Cancer was my wake up call it occurred to me as I watched Todd my brother in law struggle with this unseen monster; that it happens to 1 out of 4 people and then I counted of my loved ones and realized that I had a good chance of either going through this myself or of watching somebody else I love and I wondered how in the world I could survive either.

I was consumed with fear. I new that I should eat right and exercise but why I wondered when even then I was still at risk and then who knows what is really healthy anyway one week its milk that next week milk is that cause of cancer ... WHAT!!

My sister introduced me to chiropractic care the idea was so simple that of course at first I thought this couldn’t be true it just can’t be! Why don’t more people know if it is that easy? Lucky for me my sister worked on me until I became part of the chiropractic family. A little over a year ago I shed all of that fear knowing that I was being proactive with my health. I must say that was all I needed was to lose that fear and understand that there was something that I could do. It was not all up to chance. I really can’t believe my self when I start telling other people. Its just not like me to put myself out there like that, but you find our something this good you really are obligated to tell everyone you care about.”

~ Bethany K.

Dealing with a health condition that stalled out my metabolism had left me with low energy, daily fatigue and a lot of extra unwanted pounds for the past several years. The extra pounds only added to my health issues, and I was on my way to developing new health problems.

Finding the right combination of diet and exercise that would give me the results I needed had been a constant, frustrating struggle. I was having no success in finding a solution. That is, until Rose introduced me to the Portion Control diet just a few short months ago.

I was really amazed to learn how much I was actually overeating, and really surprised to learn what the portion sizes of food groups should actually be to maintain good health. I also learned quickly that I could keep eating the foods I enjoy in smaller portions and feel full - even snack 3 times a day!

Combining this lifestyle change with regular exercise just a couple days per week, I began losing weight the very first week and each week throughout the six-week program. And I have continued to lose each week since then and am getting very close to my goal. In addition to the weight loss, the fatigue I have had for years has disappeared, I have much more energy and have improved my overall health - physically, mentally and spiritually. What a wonderful program!!

~ Bonnie F.

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